Friday, November 4, 2011

Dogs Make Great Movies Better

I didn't get a chance to write my blog yesterday because my human secretary decided to take the day off to go to see a movie. That movie was Johnny English Reborn. She said it was a good movie. However being a human, her opinion does not matter so I will give my own movie review. Thank dog I was allowed into the theatre! It starred Rowan Atkinson, and it was a sequel to Johnny English. I enjoyed the movie, but was a bit disappointed with its overall lack of dogs. However, for a human movie, it was good. Very often the humans don't include dogs in movies. Sure, it is stupid, but the humans know that they can't act as good as us dogs, and don't want to compete!

Today I also want to write about an elephant named Chhouk, who lives in Cambodia. Chhouk was hurt, but was taken care of by nice humans and he now has a prosthetic paw, and can get around like all the other elephants. I always enjoy a true story with a happy ending over one with a sad ending so I thought that I would share this video with my readers. Here is the web address:
If you ask my opinion, Chhouk's story would make a great movie. If they replace the humans with dogs, it would be a spectacular movie. Are you listening, movie studios?

Demon Flash Bandit (Movies Should Star More Dogs)

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