Friday, November 11, 2011

Special Date: 11-11-11

Today is 11-11-11. The reason this date is so important to so many people is that it adds up to 33 or possibly -11 if you are one of those pessimistic type people reading my blog. There are more weddings taking place today because of the date, and the Great Pyramid is shut down. Sure, the Egyptian people might say it is for maintenance, but we know better. Some people think that the power from the pyramid is greater on 11-11-11 so they were planning on visiting and charging their cell phones. How often can you charge a cell phone free of charge--isn't that a great play on words? Shakespeare never wrote with such wisdom. Anyway, I have decided to take advantage of the possible lucky aspects of the day. A dog can use some good luck so just in case, I have some special plans for the day. I plan to take my dingo bone and put it under a piece of paper shaped like a pyramid. I'm hoping it will last longer because dingo bones never last long enough for me. They are so delicious that I can eat them for hours. I hope it turns out to be a lucky day for my readers, and also that my readers have a nice weekend!

Demon Flash Bandit (Lucky Date)

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