Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Would Sentence Veterinarian to Jail!

I am going to comment on a story from Virginia today. A dog named Basie was found outside of her yard, and the person who found her took her to a veterinarian who decided to euthanize the dog because she was a "stray". I think this veterinarian should lose his or her license to practice medicine on animals. There is no absolute way to tell if an animal is a stray or not. Dogs get lost or stolen, and collars do come off sometimes. Angel Zoom Smokey has managed to get out of her collar and leash in the past--and end up having the humans chase her through the neighborhood. The details of the story can be read at:

As a dog, I found this item to be deplorable, and I hope some legal action is taken against this vet. If I were a judge, I would put this so called vet in jail, but I'm not a judge. If more dogs were judges, there would be laws against this sort of thing. I have no idea why the dog was not taken to the local animal shelter and given a couple of days for her humans to find her. What a shame that a vet took matters into his or her own stupid paws!

Demon Flash Bandit (Not Happy With Stupid Veterinarian)

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