Friday, November 25, 2011

Walmart or Stupidmart?

It comes as no surprise to my humans that, once again, there were people injured at a Walmart location during their after Thanksgiving sales. This year my brothers talked Mommy into going to Walmart to their midnight sale. The Walmart in Howell, MI is not one that is known for violence, and there were no incidents of bodily harm there, but Mommy didn't stay long, and she says she can see why Walmart has so many problems compared to the other stores. She noticed that there were lines for the 32 inch television, the 40 inch television, and the $248.00 computer. If you stood in line long enough, and were lucky, you would to buy the item. One was in the pet section, one was around the crafts, and one was somewhere else--she never quite found out where. She was there almost an hour before the sale started, and she was told by an employee that the items were already sold out---an hour before the sale even began. However, they did not share that information with the people standing in line--Mommy was not in line at the time, but I think that was something that should have been told to everyone in line. Mommy did not stay long-she was not particularly impressed with the sale. Mommy already has a lot of the electronic gadgets, and if she doesn't have them, she doesn't care about having them. She overheard one of the ladies that bought a 32 inch television say (actually, she had 2 in her cart), that she had to wait 3 hours in line to get them. The math doesn't add up for this dog. It sounds like they didn't need to form a line at midnight because they were already gone-before the sale started. This dog thinks that Walmart, although an okay store, is run very stupidly. On the good side, it gave Mommy an excuse not to stay long, and she got out of there as quickly as possible. This is also why she doesn't do a lot of shopping there. Many of their prices were the same as at several other local stores, but those stores were not having people wait in line and were not out of stock. Mommy does not usually go to Walmart much, and she has always avoided it for their after Christmas sales. Now my brothers understand her wisdom. If the humans had listened to me, they would have stayed home and rested. I never underestimate the value of a good nap! Walmart used to be a nice store years ago before they became "super Walmart" which seems to refer to their "super stupidity".

Demon Flash Bandit (Not a Fan of Walmart)

Demon Flash Bandit

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