Monday, June 13, 2016

Sticks: Be Picky

Today's topic is sticks.  A good stick can be enjoyed for hours on end.  However, since sticks are essentially wood, they don't chew the same way.  This is because some woods are hard woods and some are soft woods depending on which tree from which it came.  Cherry is a hard wood which makes it good for furniture.  Oak is medium so the humans use it a lot in flooring.  Soft wood like pine has versatile uses, and it  takes less time to grow a new tree.

You are probably wondering why any of this would make a difference to a dog.  It happens to be very important to a dog.  It is even more important to us.  Hard wood sticks last longer.  Pine has some resin type sap in it-and it isn't the good stuff like maple syrup.  It smells like turpentine which brings up my next reason for choosing the right sticks--flavor.  Apple and cherry taste better than lemon sticks.  Although sticks are easy to find, if given a choice between sticks and bones, go for the bone.  Both items taste better with maple syrup.

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Sticks)

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