Saturday, June 25, 2016

Fashionable Dog

Many human fashions are often not particularly practical.  However, I have invented a fashion that is lovely-and practical.  I am sharing this with my readers because I enjoy helping other dogs enjoy life as much as I do.

First, you need to find something sticky to put on your face (or any fur that needs to look good).   I used maple sryup because that  is the pancake syrup of choice in this house. You can use no brand maple flavored syrup, but believe me, you can tell the difference.  Maple syrup tastes better.  I stuck 2 milkbones on each side of my nose.  I was eating a third milkbone
Mom said I was adorable, and Angel Zoom Smokey  was so jealous.   Being a creative dog is fun.

Demon Flash Bandit (Fashion Designer)

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