Saturday, June 11, 2016

Let's Visit Foamhenge

Since it is June, many of the humans are planning vacations.  Some humans prefer to go to the beach or theme park.  Some work through their vacations.  Some use the time off work to go to historical places, museums, and other cultural events.  Because any dog who reads my blog is intelligent and sophisticated, this is a travel blog for them.  During my exhausting vacation destination research, I discovered a perfect destination for a vacation  that is both educational and fun.

I suggest a trip to Foamhenge in Virginia.  It is a perfect replica of Stonehenge in England.   A lot of humans have visited the one in England.  It has been the object of study.  Many humans marvel that ancient people built it without the help of modern technology.  Some have theorized that it was built with the aide of aliens who visited Earth in ancient times.  They also debate its purpose in being built.  Foamhenge is far more mysterious.  One day, there was nothing and the following day,  Foamhenge appeared out of nowhere.  Was it built by modern aliens?  Did a mattress factory explode?  Perhaps it is a conspiracy to get the humans to focus their attention on it rather than the upcoming election.  The superior mind of dogs will be so busy studying it, and calcuating how much it can be peed on, they are hoping to sneak in a human candidate.  By all means, go to Virginia to see it, but send in an absentee ballot before you go.  Here is a link to a site about Foamhenge.

Demon.Flash Bandit (World Travelker)

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