Thursday, June 16, 2016

No, Not the Bird Drapes

Humans should not be allowed to do any interior decorating.  Case in point:  My mom is thinking about buying new drapes for the living room
 I think new drapes are a good idea.  The metal blinds were destroyed because a dog can't see out the window when it is covered by those dumb blinds.  The living room has a huge window and mom had originally planned to buy wooden blinds to compliment the oak floor.   However, she realized that the wooden ones would face the same fate when a dog decides to look out the window.  To be fair, those old blinds were very old, and they needed to be replaced so I was performing a public service for the humans.

Everything was going well until mom found drapes on the Internet with little birds printed on them.  Dog spelled backwards is God.  Bird spelled backward is drib.  This is because I have heard that birds are not one of God's creatures. Dogs are one of his best creations.  Dogs were created to help the humans and provide companionship.  Birds cause trouble and drop poop bombs everywhere.  I hope mom is thinking about those drapes to encourage the wild birds to fly into the window.  I like I to give mom the benefit of the doubt, but she doesn't hate birds.  Sometimes you can't talk sense to the humans

Demon Flash Bandit (Interior Decorator)

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