Friday, June 10, 2016

My Presidential Campaign

This is an update for the many supporters who have asked about my campaign.  It is going well
  I have already gained the nomination of the dog party.  I don't need to remind my readers that, when given a choice between a human and a dog, the dog will win.  I will admit I  have had the nomination in my paw almost from the beginning.  I have seen the humans who I am up against, and I will win by a landslide.

Bernie hasn't given up yet, but you know he doesn't stand a chance against me.  I have had 2 email addresses for years, and neither has ever caused me any concern.  If the one on dogster were published, the emails would not hurt my campaign.  Unlike Trump, I never cheated on my first wife only to leave wife 2 for wife 3.  Isn't that kind of similar behavior  part of the reason so many humans got upset with Bill Clinton? I might add that my first lady, Angel, was born in Ohio, and barks English as her first language.  

 From the time I've been a puppy, humom has always told me most of the time that I am a good boy.  When I got into stuff, she would tell me that I was being bad.  Sure, she didn't punish me.  She said that when I got bubblegum or orange craft paint on my nose that I was being bad.  However, I looked so cute, she let it slide.  I will admit that I have occasionally told a lie, but it was justified. If I didn't occasionally hide some dingo bones and tell Angel Zoom Smokey that they are all gone, I might starve.  Angel has an unbelievable appetite, and she is never on a diet.

I wish the humans could be more like us dogs when it comes to politics.  There seems to be too much hate so remember, the humans are trying to make the right choice no matter who they choose.  However, the best choice is me, Demon Flash Bandit.   By the way, I have a collar and tie so I will look presidential for those of you who care about fashion.

Demon Flash Bandit (Presidential Hopeful)

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  1. Crikey Demon ...... if I could vote you'd certainly be MY choice!!