Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dogs Get the Job Done Right

Recently, Mom discovered that, for young people in Michigan  to get a driver's license, there is a publication with a list of things the kids need to bring in to verify their identity and their age.  If I were in charge, I would be more concerned about whether or not they know how to drive.  Because I am a dog, I can't get a driver's license despite me owning papers from the AKC (American Kruising Canines) certifying that I'm a Siberian husky (an official travelling breed).  I understand how the older humans feel.  Humom graduated from high school 43 years ago today, and she thinks babies born as early as the 80's should still be in school. She does assume they are old enough for high school.  Evidently, babies born in the 90's are supposed to be in elementary school.  However, despite her hesitancy about allowing all these babies out on the road, she would not expect them to carry around a backpack of identification paperwork.  In fact, I assume that is why backpacks are so popular now.

I had to explain to humom that, although the geezers running the country probably don't trust children to drive anymore than she does.  I'm guessing they also see age groups the same as she does, chances are that it is probably not the reason for being so ridiculous.  I had to remind her that the United States has become the land of the paranoid and the people without common sense.

When a 16 year old goes in to get a driver's license,  they aren't planning to organize a terrorist attack.  They are too busy hanging out at the mall, fantasizing about the weekend, and/or working at some mind numbing, low paying job to pay for gas for the car and insurance.  If a terrorist wants to do something evil, they won't be stopped over a lack of paperwork. When I become  president, I will use dog sense to find evil people.  Haven't you noticed that most dogs immediately like or dislike a human.?  Therefore, I would replace all the humans at Homeland Security with dogs.  I've always said that if you want a job done right, let a dog do it.

Demon Flash Bandit (Campaigning)