Thursday, December 3, 2015

Mom's Wolfdayi

I am writing a bit later than usual.  That is because December 2 was my humon's Wolfday. She has had a lot of wolfdays in her life so  it is my job to make  this one memorable.  As you know, we dogs are largely responsible for the happiness of our humans, and I am excellent at my job!  Besides, Mommy is not hard to please.  A big kiss, saying I love you in human and wagging my lovely tail melts her heart.  When humans don't have a dog, visiting canines slip prozac into their human food and hope they will eventually get a dog to watch out for them.

The day started out great.  Angel and I got gifts. Mom got us toys and a new antler to chew on.  I am glad mom does not want us to feel left out of gift giving occasions.  She thinks very logically for a human.  Actually, I think the humans enjoy giving us stuff.  I suspect the humans love us as much as we love them.  In fact, Angel gave mom her squeaky frog toy which was a big sacrifice on her part.  The humans reading this might think she is being sweet.  Personally I think she has an ulterior motive.  It is easy to fool the humans, but dogs are too smart to be fooled.

Boni, who mom met through dogster sent gourmet candy.  I'm sure that it was meant for me, but humom isn't sharing.  It was put of my reach.  However, when the humans  are sleeping, I plan to get the ladder from the garage, and I plan to eat all that delicious candy.  Mom had a chocolate birthday cake with ""bumps" of vanilla frosting covered with chocolate.  They aren't sharing it either.  At least dinner was good.  Mom got hamburgers from  Georges Coney Island and She ordered us our own dinner.  I love bacon cheeseburgers!  I think most dogs do.

Demon Flash Bandit (Celebrating mom's Wolfday


  1. Happy happy birfday to yur Mom!
    Yeah, Angel sharin her froggie toy - Chrissy Mass is comin up. She's wurkin to get on the "nice" list.