Sunday, December 27, 2015

My Blog Won't Write Itself

When I got up  today,  I suspected that mom might not feel like writing my blog today.  She has been neglecting my blog more than usual so this time I took action.  I know she has been sick, but if you listen to every flimsy excuse, a dog would never be able to accomplish anything.   Before she could give me a lame excuse, I had to remind her that the blog isn't going to type itself.  When dealing with humans, sometimes
 a dog has to be harsh.

Thursday is New Years Eve, and I'm planning my usual big party for dogs.
  I am expecting at least 5,000 dogs to attend. The sky will be lit up by noiseless fireworks. (Noiseless ones were invented by dogs for dogs.)
  I have ordered  one truckload of bacon and a truck load of all the other meats we like.  We'll have milkbone appetizers and special bones  with frosting (for dogs).

I've got a lot to do to prepare for my party so I have to go. Very like my blog, the party won't  plan itself. You can get guzzied up, dress casually, or just wear your fur, don't miss it.  My New Year's Eve party is the event of the year!

Demon Flash Bandit (Busy Dog)

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