Saturday, December 12, 2015

Barking From my Window

I have been unable write my blog for a few days.  I have been on guard duty at my house.  My home has been attacked several times by birds.  If it weren't for Angel Zoom Smokey and myself, the humans would have no defense from the little feathered varmints.  Seriously, it was like a scene from that old Hitchcock horror movie, The Birds.  I never meant to put my humans in danger when I started warning everyone about the bird's plan for taking over the planet.  I suspect that many birds who would have flown  south for the winter stayed here to takes part in the attack.  I could not take the easy way and not warn other species of their plans even if it makes me a target of hate crimes.  As long as I continue to win the world's handsomest husky contest (presented by me every year), I will be keeping tabs on those evil birds

Demon Flash Bandit (Spying on Birds)

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