Monday, December 21, 2015

Angel Zoom Smokey's Letter to Santa Paws

Yesterday Demon shared his letter to Santa Paws.  He kindly offered me the opportunity to share my letter with my list for Mr. Paws.  I appreciate Demon's request.  Remember, Demon likes to write funny stuff so if he claims I locked him in a closet and took over the computer, he is just trying to be funny.  Without further ado. here is my letter.

Dear S. Paws,

You have the rare privilege of receiving a letter from me, the most excellent Angel Zoom Smoky
Possibly I am wasting my time writing you because in past years, you have not brought me what  I requested.  I can only surmise that you are a cheapskate.  When I sent the first two letters asking for several million dollars in cash, I just assumed you were busy because you did not bring the things I asked for
Still, I did not get the gifts and cash I requested again  last year  I am going to.make it even easier for you and the elves this year.  Load 50 million dollars into a prepaid charge card.  I love to shop and that amount should see me through until my birthday which is in March.

I hope you don't continue to disappoint me again.  Just so you will see the impact your lack of generosity, here is the letter and reply that I wrote to the editor of Dog Fancy magazine.

Dear Editor Fido,
I am a very sweet Siberian husky.  I should be at the top of Santa Paw's nice list, but every year he does not come through with my gifts.  A cat told me that Santa doesn't exist
  I know I can trust an editor of a dog magazine so, is there a Santa Paws?
Sincerely,   Angel Zoom Smokey

Dear Angel,
The cat who told you there is no Santa Paws was wrong.  This is why a dog can never believe.a cat.  Cats are compulsive liars.  I'm o sure Santa left you everything you requested which were stolen by that no good cat.  By the way, birds are untrustworthy also. As long as a dog needs a bone, there is a Santa Paws!  Sincerely, Fido.

I have to go now.  I hear Demon crying in the closet-and he thinks he is a he-man dog.

Angel Zoom Smokey (Guest Blogger)

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