Saturday, December 19, 2015

Letter to.Santa Paws

Since it less than a week until Christmas, I decided to share my letter to Santa Paws.

Dear Mr. Santa Paws,
This is Demon Flash Bandit , and I am sending you the first of my letters to you each and every year.  Some dogs just send you their gift list.  However, as you know, I also send you a thank you card after Christmas. If the human puppies followed their dogs advice,  the naughty list would be a lot shorter.

I don't think I need to tell you how excited I was to see my humans carrying in a tree. Since Mommy bought a new tree last year, I thought maybe this tree was my own personal tree.  Alas, the tree she bought last year is in the garage surrounded by stuff.  She said my brothers would never have it up before Christmas.  Obviously she knows my brothers well.  They think like dogs.

Instead of sending you an individual list of the things I want, I am registered at  Amazon and at all major store chains except Wal-Mart.
I have been to  I feared I might run into one of those humans which might cause me to choke to death laughing

I will as always leave you cookies.  I will.leave you a choice of beverages because milk is disgusting.  I know you like Coca Cola because you are in many of their ads   Since it is humom's favorite, we never run out.  Thank you in advance for all the wonderful gifts.  I will still send a thank you letter, but you deserve so much thanks for all the wonderful things you have done in the past.  Give my best wishes to Mrs.  Paws and the furelves.

Demon.Flash Bandit ( Writing to Santa)

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