Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Movie Review: Fried Green Tomatoes

I hate to criticize a movie, but Fried Green Tomatoes was a disappointment.  This sequel did not follow the first movie at all.   I was wondering how the tomatoes would act before ripening.  I could envision the human army waiting to attack with  a giant salad fork.  Perhaps some scientist would invent some poison salad dressing or  invent some super aphids to fight the tomato plants.
For my readers who have not seen the original, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and/or Fried Green Tomatoes, the sequel is a waste of money.  Personally, I think that Fried Green Tomatoes should have been a prequel since tomatoes are green before they ripen into red or yellow tomatoes.  The movie could have explained what went wrong that caused ordinary tomatoes go on a killing spree.  Instead of using the opportunity to delve into the tomato situation, they had an old lady narrating a story about living in a small town when she was young.  The green tomatoes never attacked anyone.  In fact, the train caused more suffering than the tomatoes did.  Perhaps it is because the humans cooked the tomatoes before they could become rotten. However, it left the viewers like myself disappointed.  When a dog expects to see an action movie and is greeted by old women gossiping, I have to give the movie a bad rating.  I refuse to see another cooking movie unless they remake it and it is called "Cooking Bacon".
  I love bacon.

Demon Flash Bandit (Movie Critic)


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