Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Visit from Santa Paws

Twas the day before Christmas and I am mad.
The humans are treating this dog very bad.
I've been very helpful I watered the tree
The humans don't always appreciate me.

The stockings were hung with the greatest of care
In hopes that Santa Paws gives me my share.

Dogs were supposed to be sleeping in bed.
I had visions of Dog treats dancing in my head.
While mom in her hospital bed was taking a nap.
We know Santa can find us-we sent him a map.

Out on the lawn I heard so much noise,
I ran to the window with my usual poise.
I looked out the window to check out the scene.
My job as a guard dog is to bark and sound mean.

I was delighted to see a blanket of snow
As the piles of snow continued to grow.
I started to do some very loud barking
When I saw a sleigh on my roof  parking

The sleigh carrying Santa Paws was a welcome sight.
This dog is sure to have presents tonight.
Forget the chimney-I opened the door for him
Obviously, he wastes no time at the gym.

We barked and sniffed each other's tails.
He said he got my list in the mail.
He  left all the treats and toys I requested.
That is why I think Santa Paws is the bed rest.

He moved fast for a chubby old man.
He ate his cookies and I gave him a ham.
It was my gift to Mrs. Paws and him.
I watched him fly off until the vision was dim.

Let this be a lesson: be careful who you bite.
It might be Santa Paws wishing you a good night.

Demon Flash Bandit.(Dog who Knows Santa)

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