Monday, December 14, 2015

I'm a Tough Dog

Warning:  this blog contains subject matter that might be upsetting to some dog breeds (particularly terriers and dachshunds).  In the past, I have written about killing mice.  Many dogs have been bred by humans to chase mice.  The cats who helped raise me as a wee puppy did not have any use for mice except as a snack.

  I am only telling my side of the incident because my human thought I was being sweet.  I'm sure she would tell my readers even if she had to write a blog entry for me

I was.out in my yard.yesterday minding my own business and watering the trees when I found a mouse.  The mouse had a damaged front paw so mom brought him into the house in a little cage. When he was well, she was going to put him back into the wild.    I wish I could say that he got better,  but the little guy crossed the rainbow bridge last night
I hope this blog doesn't ruin my reputation as a tough dog!

Demon Flash Bandit (Tough Dog)


  1. Poor little mousie...I chase em...but um...then my kitties have to do what they do...not I, BOL!!

  2. Yeah, your reputayshun are trashed now. Mice are for killing.

  3. TDemon here: The mouse was a tiny baby. I was surprised mom.tried to help him