Saturday, October 4, 2014

My Pal, Whitley, is Right as Usual

My last blog was about Mommy ordering the Christmas inflatable that has 2 Siberian huskies pulling Santa in his sleigh.  Whitley made a comment that was wise and insightful. (What else would you expect from a dog?)  Santa should have been pulling the huskies.  I don't mean to sound harsh, but Santa is a fat guy; and as such, he should not expect dogs to pull him around.  I bet he weighs more than both dogs put together!  Whitley's wisdom did not stop there (I can see why Whitley went to Harvard).  Whitley says that the item is reinforcing the idea that dogs should work and this is something  that is wrong for the humans to think.  In fact, the humans even have a group of dogs who are considered "working breeds"  As a husky, I am among that group, and this dog resents that category.  Why should any dog have to work?  Isn't it enough work watching out for the humans and entertaining them with our antics.  I won't even bother to list how we spend much of our lives decorating the humans' homes, and they don't even appreciate our efforts.  I just wrote a letter to the manufacturer suggesting that they make a new inflatable with Santa pulling the huskies.  It would be nice if the huskies were eating some bacon in the sleigh while Santa pulls them along.  I hope they are going to Burger King or Wendys for a snack!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Resents Being a "Working Breed")

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