Monday, October 27, 2014

Demon Flash Bandit: Package Inspector

The contents of packages that arrive at our home lately has vastly improved.  Today, there was a box filled with bubblegum flavor rawhide bones.   Angel and I could smell them from outside the box, and we were both super excited for the box to get opened.  I was even willing to open it for the humans, but they opened it fast so I could enjoy my prize!  Angel and I always sniff every box that arrives at our house.  You never know when some terrorist organization might send something like anthrax in a box so we are only concerned with our humans' welfare.  If there happens to be dog treats in the box, then that is just an added perk to the job we do.  Dogs:  always on duty watching out for our humans!

Demon Flash Bandit (Package Sniffing Dog)

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