Thursday, October 23, 2014

I Prefer the "Dingo" Brand of Rawhide Bones

Mommy gave me a rawhide bone and she gave one to Angel Zoom Smokey too.  Being the doggy genius that I am and knowing how stupid the humans are, I realized that both bones were supposed to be mine. Therefore,  I took steps to regain my property.  I took my bone that Angel had when she got distracted.  Then she did the same thing to me.  My humom refers to this as playing "musical bones".  Evidently, that is a reference to a silly human game involving chairs, but I don't see it since there is not music involved in our game.  That is, unless you count my whining when Angel has my bones, music.  If so, then there is music involved.  I also want to add that, although I do apreciate my humans buying me bones, these two bones were regular rawhide bones which are tasty.  However, I prefer (and so does Angel), dingo brand bones.  They cost more, but we are worth every penny of that cost.  I hate it when the humans get  cheap with us dogs.  I say, if they want to save money, quit spending on themselves.  Angel and I came up with a delightful plan to save the humans tons of cash.  During the winter, if they would just turn off the furnace, they would save a small fortune on their gas bill, and Angel and I would be a lot happier because we love the cold.  In addition, my humans could get pet penquins.  I will even overlook them being of the bird family.  Any animal who enjoys cold and snow as much as we do is okay with me.  I plan to share this idea with my humans in the next couple of days because they are already operating the stupid heater!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dingo Bones Instead of Heat)

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