Thursday, October 30, 2014

Humans Lack Gratitude

It is time for me to write a new blog so I'm sure my readers are excited that they are going to get to read more of my observations about life among the humans.  I am sure that I am not the only dog who has noticed that the humans do not have the appreciation for gifts that we dogs have.  I can only assume that is because they do not learn good manners from their Mommies like I did when I was a puppy.  Case in point-  Angel Zoom Smokey found a mouse in the yard when she was outside.  She could have eaten it immediately, and the humans would have been none the wiser.  However, she is a good dog so she decided to bring it into the house to give it to our humans since they are so nice to us.  Besides, she would rather eat chicken so she said that the humans could give her their share of the chicken and eat the mouse instead.  Yeah, I thought that the humans would be thrilled to get such a wonderful present.  It could only be better in my opinion if it happened to be a dead bird, but birds are harder to catch.  Imagine our surprise when humom saw the mouse and got all upset.  You would think she didn't like it or want it!!!!  Yes dogs, that is exactly what happened.  Instead of being thrilled, Mommy did not like it, want it, or allow it in the house.  She wouldn't even let Angel Zoom Smokey keep it either.  The ingratitude of the humans in my family is just shameful!  I told Angel not to expect a thank you note.  I know the humans won't send her one.

Demon Flash Bandit (Discussing Humans and Their Lack of Gratitude)


  1. Yeah, my momma didn't appreciate my dead rats either. She gave em away to da garbageman!

  2. My 'gifts' or prizes get funerals to that same bin outside...or buried in the next door yard (permission has been furevfur granted...), cause else I'll re-dig them up...