Thursday, October 9, 2014

Dog Saved a Cat!!!

I saw a story on the Internet that says a cat was given a transfusion with blood from a dog, and the cat is doing okay!  I know some of my dog readers won't be happy about that announcement because some dogs hate cats, but I really don't mind cats.  In fact, it is good that I get along with other creatures because my humans had a pet Dutch bunny named Flash, and they brought Flash with them when they got me  .I would not have been bought by my humans if I had tried to eat the rabbit.  Instead, Flash and I became such great friends that my humans  honored me by giving me his name as my middle name.  When I was a puppy, there were cats all over the place.  I think my breeder might have been on her way to being a "crazy cat lady"--I'm only kidding. It was a farm so there were a lot of cats hanging out in the barn. They taught me how to wash myself, and also how to meow.  Yes, my humans heard me meowing when I was a puppy.  I am a dog of many talents.  Anyway, I think it is a nice, feel good story that makes a dog proud to be a dog.  Don't get me wrong.  I'm not planning to share my blood with anyone because I don't enjoy going to the dog dr. and being poked with needles.  However, I would do it if Angel Zoom Smokey or one of my pals needed blood from me.

The only issue I have with this is that it is okay to give blood to a cat, but what if they want to take a dog's blood and give it to a squirrel or, the ultimate insult to dogs, give it to a bird.  I think birds are evil and I would NEVER want to see a dog's blood go to save a bird.  They are evil and, as such, do not deserve medical care.  I know there are some bleeding bird liberals who won't agree with me, but they are wrong.  Birds are useless creatures who steal a dog's snow (and have the nerve to sing about it in the spring), and all they do is drop bird bombs on everyone below them.  My human daddy explained all this to me because he was annoyed that some birds bombed his car.  My daddy was very fond of his cars, and did not appreciate their bombs.  Daddy was the wisest human in existence because he is the one who told Mommy that I should eat human food instead of dog food.  I've seen dog food, and I know Daddy was right--as usual.  Birds should never be given a blood transfusion--not even from another bird.  The only good bird is a bird on the grill covered in barbeque sauce!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Blood Transfusions)

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