Saturday, October 4, 2014

Demon Flash Bandit Does Standup Comedy

Yesterday, Detroit Edison turned off the electricity at our house twice.  It wasn't off for a long time--maybe 15 minutes at the most, but those were 15 minutes of mayhem around here.  I have mentioned in the past that Angel Zoom Smokey has issues with it getting dark in the house so lights are left on in rooms she is in 24 hours a day.  I think she is getting a kickback of dingo bones from the electric company, but you do not want to be around her when it gets dark.  Because it was dark for 15 minutes, Angel Zoom Smokey acted like a maniac from an insane asylum. She was actually standing on Mommy's dresser, and Mommy has one of those dressers that were popular in the past which is solid wood with shelves and drawers on  top so there is maybe 8 inches of space on the dresser itself.  Yes, Angel Zoom Smokey, Siberian Husky, was standing on that small area.  She even jumped in to the bath tub in an attempt to get away from whatever nasty monster was stealing the light.  I told her it was birds so now I have an even more fervent bird hater than myself.  Who says a dog can't turn a situation into his advantage?  Mommy was beginning to get annoyed with her because she also managed to scratch Mommy's arm, and Mommy takes blood thinners so when it bleeds, it bleeds a lot.  A bandage solved the problem, and Mommy knew that she did not mean to hurt Mommy.  Angel was just scared.  How did I handle the situation?  I was in the other room when it happened.  I walked into the room, and immediately made everyone laugh by asking if the humans had  paid the electric bill.  They had so I was hilarious.  Then I did what I do during most household crisis.  I took a nap.  Then the electricity came back on, and everyone was happy.  Angel Zoom Smokey took a nap, and all was forgotten.  However, the bathtub had to be one of the dumbest places to go when you are scared--like a bath will make it better.  Angel Zoom Smokey has got to learn to think more like a dog!

Demon Flash Bandit (He-Man Dog Who Made Everyone Laugh at Crisis)

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