Sunday, October 12, 2014

Where is the Ice Cream?

Yesterday I did something that the humans considered super cute.  My Mommy had a box of toys in her bedroom which she was sorting through.  I walked over the box, and looked around the box.  I decided it was important to check it over before Mommy donates a toy that I might want to keep for myself to Purple Heart the next time the truck comes through the neighborhood.  As usual, I found a treasure.  That treasure is a Hot Wheels car.  I took the unopened package out of the box, and I proceded to tear it open.  The vehicle was inside, and it was a really small Good Humor Ice Cream truck.  I didn't play with it once it was open.   I walked away.  I looked it over good, and there were no tiny ice creams in the truck.  Therefore, I got no ice cream from the toy.  I hope you get more enjoyment out of my blog than I did over opening the truck!  I've got to go to the kitchen and see if there is any ice cream in there.  Where, oh where, is my ice cream?

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Always Wants Ice Cream)


  1. Crikey .... I ALWAYS want icecream too but I NEVER get it. Shame there wasn't any in the truck.