Monday, August 25, 2014

Mommy's Back!!!!

I have missed sharing my interests with my dog pals, but I have been unable to write because my human secretary wasn't here to take my dictation.  My human had a little health problem of her own.  At first I thought maybe she was just jealous of all the extra attention I've been getting due to my dogtor's visit, but she was legitimately sick.  I should have known the humans aren't smart enough to milk things like that for all they are worth.  Mommy had to be in the hospital for several days.  Her leg had an infection, cellulitis, and a blood clot.  When Mommy does something, she goes all the way and does it well.  She is home now and feeling better.  I missed her, but in my he-man dog fashion, I trudged on and continued with my life.  Angel Zoom Smokey was a basketcase.  I am very glad she is home, and hopefully, my blogs won't be neglected in the future--hear that mom---no more getting sick!

Demon Flash Bandit (Mom Needs to Stay Healthy for a Dog)


  1. Poor Mommy! Sending love, hugs and healing thoughts your way.

  2. Wow, so glad yur Mommy is doin better now. Take good care of her DFB.

  3. Being sick is not fun, esp when you need your Mommy so much and love her so furry much.
    I and growlmy are wishing her full recovery.

  4. OMD! Glad your momma are feelin better!