Thursday, August 28, 2014

Angel Zoom Smokey Deserves an Apology!!!!!

I want to thank Angel Zoom Smokey for the guest blog she wrote for me yesterday with the assistance of my brother, Jeff.  She wrote it while Mommy was in the hospital, but Jeff did not get it uploaded until yesterday--the humans just don't seem to understand schedules, do they?  On the other paw, at least my readers got to enjoy an extra blog.  Angel is the subject of my blog entry today. I know that I have been known to "occasionally" criticize some of her behavior.  However, sometimes she does something so thoughtful, that I can only show my admiration for her kindness.  In this case, she was being extra nice to my Mommy so it made me happy to see her take such good care of the Mommy.  Mommy went to take a shower and wash her hair.  As all us dogs know, a bath is a traumatic experience for a dog.  Just when you are at your best, the human grabs you, often after a chase, and makes you take a bath.  The saddest thing about the humans taking baths is that they think they are supposed to take them so they torture themselves.  In both our opinions, Mommy did not need to take a bath.  We both thought she had that perfect Mommy smell that we both love so much.  Of course, she did not ask our opinion so she continued with her bath plans.  However, Angel Zoom Smokey had an idea of her own.  While Mommy was in the shower, she peed all over Mommy's bed--sheets, covers, even Mommy's pillow.  Mommy walked into the room and sat down and said, "what stinks?":  Then I heard, "Angel Zoom Smokey--you are a bad dog!"  I would have thought that Mommy would have thanked her and rolled around in the bed to get that nice urine smell of Angel's which I enjoyed smelling.  It was better than the flower shampoo and Dove soap smell Mommy got from the shower.  Mommy actually took another shower!!!  Can you believe the ingratitude of the humans?  In this situation, I think Angel deserves an apology....bad dog my paw....she was a good dog!!!

Demon Flash Bandit (Sticking Up for Angel Zoom Smokey)

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  1. BOL BOL! Trust me, da peeps don't like it wehn ya pee on da bed.