Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Tyrannasaurus Tex

Angel Zoom Smokey's favorite food in the world is chicken.  Yesterday she was outside in the yard digging a hole.  I asked her why she was digging the hole.  She said she is going to plant some eggplant because she wants to grow some chickens.  I genuinely don't think that is how you get chickens, but it does sound logical so I can't argue with her thinking.  I wonder what you have to plant to get hamburgers because I can use some of them.  I guess I will have to look through some seed catalogs to see what I need to plant to get them.  I hope this does not make Angel a vegetarian because I am against dogs being vegetarians.  I say dogs are meat eaters like the great and mighty tyranasaurus rex.  In fact, I have a pal who is a dinosaur of that persuasion.  He lives in Texas and is called Tyranasurus Tex.

Demon Flash Bandit (Farmer Demon)


  1. Since you live in Texas, you might want to get one of the Tyrannasaurus Texes. I think they would keep a small dog like you in meat for at least a week.