Monday, June 2, 2014

Two and a Half Men Should Have Been Cancelled

Mommy bought the 10th season of Two and a Half Men earlier this week.  I don't think that the show can be classified as a comedy anymore.  The only thing that Mommy laughed at was when they had a dog on the scene.  The dog was funny, but I thought it was a bit insulting to the dog because no one wanted the dog and all the humans were trying to get rid of him.  It is a shame because he was the one holding the show together.  When he was gone, there was nothing funny about the show at all.  If you ask my opinion, they should have stopped the show when Charlie Sheen left.  Perhaps if they had made the show a bit more believable, it might have worked.  However, when a billionaire buys a house and allows the relatives of the former owner to stay, it gets stupid.  In fact, Charlie Harper was trying to get rid of Allan more so than Walden (the billionaire).  I never understood why they cast Ashton in the part anyway.  He is a handsome guy, but not necessarily a great actor judging from how badly his movies have done over the years.  It also was not wise to change the other actors.  Allan was the "moral compass" of the show, and he is no longer the "good guy".  He is more like his brother Charlie than he was in the past.  If you have some time to spare and you haven't seen this show, do yourself a favor and skip watching the newer seasons of Two and a Half Men.  They are bad!

Demon Flash Bandit (Movie and Television Critic)

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  1. Crikey ..... I'm with you. Without Charlie it's NO GOOD!! They should have stopped then!!