Thursday, June 12, 2014

Guns that Shoots Snacks: I Approve

My brother Jeff must have a case of "Ghostbusters" on the brain because yesterday he got the Marshmallow man in the mail.  Today he got a poster of the movie.  I think I need to take over that kid's Amazon account because I know they sell very tasty dog treats and nice dog toys on Amazon that I would enjoy.  I could care less about a non-edible Marshmallow man or a movie poster.  The humans make a marshmallow gun which shoots marshmallows at a dog.  I can see the wisdom of ordering one of them.  Angel Zoom Smokey and myself do not mind being shot with marshmallows or anything soft and edible.  For the convenience of my dog readers out there, here is a link that can hook you up with one, but it isn't the only place you can order so feel free to "shop around".

I'm hoping that Jeff will read this blog and order a gun that can be delivered by next week.  This dog could use some marshmallows as a snack.  By the way, I have read that most marshmallows now are not actually made from "marshmallows" so, if any of you know anything about this conspiracy of keeping real marshmallows away from us dogs, let me know so I can cover it in my next blog entry.

Demon Flash Bandit (Go Ahead and Shoot Some Marshmallows at Me)

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