Friday, June 6, 2014

Don't Eat Salmon Named Ella

There is a new food scare out there that has nothing to do with dog food.  This time it is the human food that is affected.  Costcos has announced a possible problem with salmonella.  I think this is one of the humans silly recalls because I've been eating salmon since I was a puppy, and I have never had any problems with tainted salmon.  Obviously, the problem is with salmons named Ella so all a dog has to do is ask the salmon its name, and if it is not named Ella, it is good eating.  Until then, all the humans are welcome to send me their salmon so I can eat it and let them know whether or not it is good.  It is my public service to the humans for the week.  I won't get sick since I know to avoid the ones named Ella.  By the way, why not be on the safe side and send all bacon you have with it.  I think salmon and bacon would taste good together.  Bacon can only improve a dish!

Demon Flash Bandit (Waiting on Salmon)


  1. BOL, ya sound like Travis our kitty!

  2. If Travis likes bacon, then he is a kitty with good taste!