Sunday, June 15, 2014

Local Puppy Mill???

Imagine my surprise when I got onto the Internet today to find a local story that I had not yet read about.  I suppose this strengthens the argument that one should read their local newspapers!  For any humans reading this, of course we dogs argue about such things.  What do you think we are barking about?  Anyway, according to the news, 91 Whoodles (a new "designer" breed made up of poodle and wheaten terriers) were seized by Livingston County Animal Control.  It is hard to believe that such abuse was happening in the same township where I, Demon Flash Bandit, lives.  Here is the link so that the dogs who want to know more details on what they are barking about to other dogs will know the full story:

I will also share the link with the website for the breeder:

I have never been to the farm so I can't speak from personal experience, but the puppies on the website do not look mistreated.  However, if you are a human and you are trying to make money from puppies, you aren't going to post photos of abused dogs.  In the interest of being fair, I am presenting both "sides" because there are times when the humans in charge do make up false charges.  However, I don't think too many humans can handle 91 dogs at once.  According to the article, 2 dogs are now over the bridge due to medical issues.  The rest can be adopted.

Now I want to say something important about "designer breeds".  Many of us are AKC registered dogs which means we have a certain lineage of which the humans are aware.  It is kind of like being one of the American humans whose ancestors arrived at Plymouth Rock on the Mayflower (and if they had dogs, their dogs immediately watered a nearby tree). Dogs who are "mixtures" are considered "mutts".  Mutts are fine dogs and should not feel bad about not having papers because, as Triumph the Insult Dog would say, "the human's papers are great....for me to poop on".  If you ask my opinion (and you are going to get it whether you ask or not), the reason so many dogs are in puppy mills is because the humans are so silly about the "papers".  Now the papers aren't as important, but they want "designer" dogs.  Here is what I think:  we dogs are each worth millions...nay billions of dollars each.  How many humans can afford a puppy at that price?  Since they can't afford a puppy at that price, we dogs provide them at far more affordable prices.  I have no problem with some of the humans breeding us and selling our puppies to qualified humans, but I don't care for any of the humans who mistreat us dogs.  There is no excuse, and if the authorities who took the dogs are telling the truth (and chances are they are honest), then that human should be ashamed of mistreating the dogs in their charge.  I say put them in jail!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dispensing Doggy Justice)

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  1. At least it sounds like the doggies are gonna find good homes.
    Poor pups.
    Stoopid "breeders". Grr on them.