Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rose Colored Glasses for Chickens

I have been watching an episode of Storage Wars, a program about humans who bid on abandoned storage units.  The episode of which I am writing is the one in which Barry found some very small rose colored glasses in one of the units, and he said that they were "chicken glasses".  When I heard it, I thought maybe he was one of those humans who needed to be put away for his own good.  Who ever heard of putting glasses on a chicken?  What is next?  Chickens wearing bikinis?  However, I did the research, and he is right.  Evidently, chickens are little cannibals who will eat other chickens if they see one of the other of the flock bleeding.  Yes, haven't I been telling you that birds are evil?  Those birds actually try to eat each other.  If Angel Zoom Smokey gets a cut, I lick it and try to make her feel better.  If we were chickens, I would be having her for dinner.  I do wonder, if the chicken cuts himself, does he have himself for dinner?  This is something that only doggy philosophers can contemplate, and I'm not a philosopher (or puposopher- the correct term when it applies to a dog), so I won't bother going any deeper into the subject.  This is the purpose the rose colored glasses were invented to stop.  When a chicken is wearing the glasses, they don't recognize blood and don't attack their own.  The glasses are no longer manufactured and used on chickens, but I would like to know why.  I don't like the idea of chickens eating each other.  If the chickens eat each other, what are Angel Zoom Smokey and myself going to have for dinner?  Chicken....it's what on our dinner table.

For those who want to find out more about these glasses, here is the link: 

I will end this blog by repeating what I've said many, many times, birds are evil and need to die before any dog gets hit by one of their "bird bombs".

Demon Flash Bandit (Glasses for Chickens) 

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