Sunday, May 11, 2014

My New Idea: Bottled Toilet Water

I am sorry I haven;'t written for a couple of days.  My human ate my computer.  The way I see it, if the humans who don't do their homework at school blame the dog for eating it, it is about time we dogs turned the tables on them.  Speaking of incompetent humans, my secretary has no idea how to actually share the sunshine award so I am going to list the 10 dogs I would give the award to, and hopefully, if they read this blog, they will know they have been given this honor!  My choices are:  Coco Rose, Khyra, Charliedownunder, Zoe, Zaidie, Hershey, Sir Freckles Licks-A-Lot, Fizzy, Leo the Basset, and my pal Riley who I actually met in person a few years ago.  You are supposed to list 10 things about yourself, and pass the award on to 10 more dogs.  I guess it can be passed to humans, but do they really deserve it?

I was scanning the news today and I found an interesting item.,  Texas has been suffering from a severe drought to the point that one town may be forced to drink toilet water. Dogs in the town are really mad because the humans are invading their territory.  Now you know why the humans don't want a dog to drink from the porcelain watering bowl....they are hoarding it for themselves.  I bet it won't be long until the humans all over the place are drinking toilet water.  In fact, they will probably be dumb enough to buy bottled toilet water.  I think I'll start selling it so that I can be the first to make money on the idea.  Here is the link for those who want to read more about this situation.

Demon Flash Bandit (Enterprising Business Dog)


  1. BOL, BOL!!!
    I had to stop and go check our throne room, after I helped growlmy stop choking...

    I did a Sunshine Blog a few blogs ago you can say that's mine fur one and all!

    But thanks for the reaffirmation of my sunny dogginess!

    I too have not so much a confuser challenged dogretary but a somewhat lazy one, I think, OMD, did I woof that??

  2. Crikey ..... too, too funny!!! Bottled toilet water! They'd buy it. I know they would. Thanks for the Sunshine award. I got one from Whitley but I haven't done it yet. I will do it. It just takes my Secretary a while to get round to these things. Now I've got to come up with 20 things, aye?? No......I think 10 things about me is enough for anyone.

  3. This is Demon writing this. I think doing one sunshine award stuff is enough, but if you want to hand out more awards to other dogs, that is up to you. Evidently, Whitley and Finley have been busy handing out these awards-probably because there is more sun in Texas than we have around here. I never thought the humans would be dumb enough to buy bottled water, but even my own Mommy does. She didn't buy it until she moved to a house with a well with horrible tasting iron tasting hard water.