Sunday, May 4, 2014

I'm A Fisher Dog

One of the edible things I love most is candy.  Yes, according to Mommy, I have a sweet tooth or perhaps a whole mouth full of them.  One of the candies I love most is called Swedish fish--preferably the red ones.  I consider them the ultimate treat, even better than dog treats because they are human treats.  The thing that I like most about them is that they are nutritious.  Fish is sort of like a meat so a dog needs them which makes it easier to get some from the humans.  We live near a lake which is called Thompson Lake which is full of fish.  Since I like to be independent, I found myself a fishing pole which I am going to take down to the lake to catch my own Swedish fish.  By the way, I did some research, and although it sounds like they are only found in Sweden, they are all over the rest of the world.  I guess they decided to do some serious swimming.  The best thing about fishing here is that even in the winter when it is cold, the humans ice fish.  I can't think of anything better than fishing for Swedish fish when the lake is frozen.  That is a Siberian Husky dream come true.  I have to stop writing this blog because I am ready to take my pole down to the lake and catch myself some candy.

Demon Flash Bandit (Fisher Dog)