Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Creating Smurfs

I've noticed that some of the younger humans have some odd fur colors (they call their fur, hair).  Some of them have blue, green, and even pink hair.  This gave me an idea to make more money to buy bones and dog toys.  I have opened a rat/mouse boutique in the back yard.  For a fee, the little rodents can be painted blue and pass as smurfs.  Even the language is easy to learn because, as long as the rodent can say "smurf", he knows the language since smurf can mean anything.  The reason this is so popular among the rodents is that humans don't like mice and rats particularly not in their homes.  However, most of them adore those cute little smurfs.  Therefore, if the humans think the rodents are smurfs, they will get to live inside and be treated better.  Why am I doing this service for the rodents?  As I said earlier, it is for the money.  Besides, I don't find mice and rats to be so menacing.  Birds, on the other hand are not welcome at my boutique, and they had better stay away.  No amount of money is worth protecting a bird!

Demon Flash Bandit (Creating Smurfs)

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  1. I would be shakin dose varmints instead of dyin dem blue. Da only good rat are a dead rat. Or Rizzo da Rat from da Muppets.