Saturday, May 17, 2014

Motor City ComicCon

No doubt my readers have been wondering why I haven't written for a couple of days.  There is nothing going wrong around here.  I was preparing for my visit to the Motor City ComiCon in Novi, Michigan.  I find it reprehensible (I hope that means bad) for the people who run that show not to allow dogs to attend.  How did I attend?  They encourage the humans to come in costume so I dressed in a costume.  I have a very convincing dog costume that is so realistic that many of the humans actually come up and pet me and tell me I'm handsome.  The reason other dogs can't dress up as dogs and get into events is because they don't have blue eyes.  When the humans see my blue eyes, they assume I'm a human in a dog costume.  Besides, to be absolutely accurate, the humans aren't that hard to fool anyway.  One year I took one of my large rawhide bones with me, and put on a pair of glasses, and the humans thought I was Harry Potter.  I suspect this is why Krypton sent Superman here.  All he has to do is put on a pair of glasses and no one can tell he is Clark Kent, mild mannered reporter for the Daily Planet which, sadly, is getting a lot of competition from the Internet news.  If newspapers would stick to the important things like the search for Nessie and Big Foot (I already found him and covered it in a recent blog entry).  the newspapers might be interesting to read again.  But I digest, I mean digress--I wouldn't mind digesting...I wonder if there is any bacon laying around in the kitchen uneaten....?

I'm sure my readers are anxious to know what I thought of the bigger ComicCon this year.  I got an autograph from Robert Hayes  who starred in the  movie Airplane which, if you haven't seen it, be sure and check it out.  Some of the young puppies may not have seen it yet.  He was very nice.  I even got my photo taken with him.  William Shatner, who starred as Capt. Kirk on the original Star Trek was there, but he had such a long line that this dog did not feel like standing so long on my paws.  I had a VIP (Very Important Puppy) pass, but the show was unorganized about that so none of the humans seemed to know if that mattered.  Besides Shatner was charging $75 for an autograph, and my brother Jeff plans to get one (he is back there today), but I only pay that kind of money for Superdog, Underdog, Bo Obama, or Mr. Peabody's pawtograph.  I know it is amazing that the humans have learned to write, but still....$75 is too much!!!  Most of the celebrities weren't there for the Friday show.

Now I will answer the question that is top on the mind of all my readers....why wasn't I paid to attend or even invited to attend the show as a celebrity?  I have no idea why I wasn't.  I can only assume it is because some humans were running it instead of dogs.  If dogs were in charge, I would have been the first one on the list--one of those "A" list celebrities.  Hopefully, next year the humans in charge (or the dogs who take over) will have me come and give my pawtographs.  I'm sure it would draw a lot more people to the show if I were there to sign and do some barking!

Demon Flash Bandit (Dog Who Attended ComicCon)

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