Sunday, May 25, 2014

Humans Want to be Dogs!

I was checking over yesterday's blog entry, and I was so embarrassed.  My human secretary was very tired, and she did a horrible job of writing what I told her to write.  At first I was worried that other dogs would think I'm stupid, but then I remembered that the dogs will know  I am way too talented and intelligent to write anything that isn't brilliant.  I suspect that my human is in serious need of the iron injections the doctor told her to get.  She needs to get them scheduled if she wants to continue to type my blog for me.  Of course, I will forgive her since I might have to pay another human to do what she does.  It is hard to find a human who will work free.  

One of the more interesting vendors at the Motor City ComiCon was the humans at  These humans are selling things that any human would be proud to receive as a gift from their dog.  I was very impressed with their Siberian Husky costume that was for sale at the ComicCon.  I'm sure any human who wears it will be proud to look so much like a dog.  The humans do custom work so a human can get another breed of dog if they want to.  If the humans doesn't want to wear an entire costume, but envies our beautiful tails (we huskies do have lovely tails), they can just buy a tail and wear only the tail.  A human can even just wear paws if the human doesn't feel that they deserve to be a complete dog.  Let's face it, being a "complete dog" is an honor that many of the humans do not deserve.  If you go by their site, tell them Demon Flash Bandit sent you.  Any human who can make other humans look like a dog is a special human.  

Demon Flash Bandit (Helping the Humans Look Like Dogs)

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