Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Professional Digger

Many people in the United States are concerned with the concept of outsourcing.  Outsourcing is when businesses go to other places to hire humans who work cheaper.  I never thought that it would become a problem for dogs because we are such awesome workers that who would expect that we might be replaced by a human?  Humans usually want more money than dogs, and are never as happy in their work as are canines.  The reason I am writing about this topic is because I witnessed this outsourcing myself.  The city in which I reside has been working on their water lines.  They have hired humans with bulldozers and heavy equipment to dig.  Yes, I saw it with my own blue eyes.  Humans doing a dog's job digging.  We dogs are the best at digging and we enjoy our work.  Sometimes we even do it for the humans when they don't even ask us to, and we don't even charge the humans for our services.  Why would the humans outsource to humans who expect to be paid when dogs would do it free?  It just goes to show that the humans don't know the meaning of the word, "outsourcing".  I wish someone would explain it to them before there are no places left to dig.

Demon Flash Bandit (Professional Digger)


  1. Digging is one of my fave hobbies, too, or maybe even my vocation second only to barking...

    Why don't you go and offer them your services?