Friday, May 2, 2014

Clock Families

Most of us have seen grandfather clocks.  My humans even have one in the living room.  I have been pondering how all the little clocks come about since I had never heard of a grandmother clock.  As we all know, grandfathers can't produce offspring without the help of a grandmother.  Therefore, I did some serious research.  Yes, I went to AOL, and typed grandmother clocks into the search engine.  Low and behold, there are grandmother clocks.  Not only are there grandmother clocks, but I even found some granddaughter clocks.  I never realized how many families of clocks are out there, but I am going to assume that Captain Kangaroo may have had something to do with their popularity since he had a talking grandfather clock on his show.  I didn't personally watch the Captain because I am too young, but I have read about him, and I'm sure my Mommy watched him as a kid.  Since he had a talking clock on his show, I realized that I could interview a clock to see what makes them "tick".  I interviewed Casey Clock, and I am going to give you a quick recap of the interview since my secretary said the battery is low on the laptop.  

Casey said that the clocks enjoy living in the humans homes and watching all the silly things they do.  I guess that is something they have in common with us dogs because I also find the silly human antics entertaining.  Alarm clocks are the mean members of the clock dynasty because they get to wake humans up from a sound sleep, and they enjoy their work.

I will leave you with this link so that you can see a bunch of clocks.  Even I think some of them are very pretty, and we dogs don't usually notice that sort of thing.

Demon Flash Bandit (Clocks)


  1. Our Grand-Pawppy was a master clockmaker/repairman. He did it fur a livng,and went to peeps' homes sometimes, took the inards out(Euww), and brought them to his clock hospital and fixed them befur retransplanting them into the case again...he once had to fix the Governor of Ontario's Clock, because said furmily's kids had climbed into the case to play hide & seek, OMD:(

    I have a lot of his clocks in my own den now, since Grand-Pawppy is in Heaven now...One is an antique cuckoo clock, and another is a more modern one from the Netherlands called a Frisian Tail Clock! Growlmy has to keep pulling up the weights. Some clocks need a key to be wound up. Some clocks even sing! A lot of them go Bim-Bom Ding-Dong...but cuckoo says...well...cuckoo! And neither me nor my kitty brofurs are allowed to remove that silly burd from there, it comes out of its nest on a little perch every 30 minutes...

    1. Wow Freckles, dat are really cool!

    2. This is Demon writing this, but I have trouble signing into google with my account so I'm using Mommy's. Sir Licks, my Daddy was very fond of clocks too. He was always buying clocks and watches, but your collection outdoes his., We have a cuckoo clock that has humans on it. They got it before I was born, but Daddy chose it, and he was a very wise man who knew that birds were evil. It never makes any noise though because Daddy passed on, and Mommy doesn't bother with winding it, but it does look nice on the wall. I suspect Mommy doesn't always want to think about time passing since she is getting kind of old. LOL

    3. My Auntie and uncle back in Canada have a few more of those clocks. The biggsest one was sold because nobody had the right space for it, it was a beautiful old 'regulator' lock, used by clockmakers to make sure the ones they were fixing were keeping good time. It had really loud bim-boms, deafening actually. You couldn't talk on a phone and hear the other party if that clock had to strike when you were using a phone. I think I heard Grand-pawppy tell growlmy that it was used in a royal workshop when it was new. Grand-pawppy just used it as a conversation piece, well when it wasn't striking the time!
      When my auntie comes we have to shut off all the noise until she leaves, BOL!