Saturday, May 27, 2017

Legal Contract

It has come to my attention that there are many dogs reading this who do not have a legal contract with their humans.   There was a time when a dog and his or her humans did not bother with legal contracts.  Things are more complicated now.  In the olden days, life was simpler.  Dogs were happy chasing a Frisbee, and living with the humans in their house.  In fact. living inside was the ultimate holy grail of dogdom.  Things are more complicated because so many families don't stay together anymore.  Sometimes those breakups can effect a dog's life.  Besides, a contract can be a good thing.  As a public service to all the dogs who read my blog, I am going to share my contract.  All you have to do is substitute your name and that of your humans.

Here is the contract:

  I, Demon Flash Bandit,  being a totally awesome dog who any human would be thrilled to have as a companion, enter a legal agreement with Humom, William and Jeffrey.  The humans agree to put Demon in charge of the household.  They recognize   that dogs are superior to humans.  If the pack ever breaks up, Demon gets to choose with whom to join.  Demon will continue to be in charge of the new pack.  The humans will provide Demon with the food and treats he prefers.  Both parties agree to  this contract with a signature or a pawprint.

Demon Flash Bandit

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  1. Ya forgot the part bout endless tennis balls - pretty shure dat are in mine.