Friday, May 5, 2017

Angel Zoom Smokey is in Trouble

Angel Zoom Smokey is in trouble with the humans today.  She went into Jeff's  bedroom and chewed up his PlayStation 4 controller.  Jeff found it when he came home from work. He was not happy.  She has her nose out of joint because of Jeff's girlfriend.  She adores Jeff.  He was the one who held her on the way home from Ohio.  I like Jeff myself, but William is the human who feeds us the most.  He shared his grilled chicken today.  I am a more practical dog.  I like the humans who feed me good stuff.  I love humom too.  She is the one who held me on the way ho!me from the breeder.  She is the human who pays for our  food so she is, in my opinion,  the best human in the world.  I smell a sugar and cinnamon pop tart. and it is in Williams paws.  I have to go and get my share. i love pop tarts.

Demo. Flash Handing

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