Friday, May 26, 2017


As I was taking a walky, I met another dog who was also taking a walky.  We were
   trying to make friends, but the humans pulled us away from each other.   I am always happy to meet a new friend.  However, the humans require a lot of attention. They need to go on walkys to use up some of their eccess energy.  Otherwise, they get into trouble.  I am not complaining.  I happen to enjoy the walkys too.  I do want to remind the dogs reading this to be careful on walks not to let go of the leash.  The humans cannot be trusted off leash.i am sure there are dogs that wonder if humans are worth the trouble.  I recommend getting a human. They are worth the extra work.

Demon Flash Bandit


  1. I wouldn't trust my momma off leash!

  2. Demon: You are wise. Humans cannot be trusted off leash.