Monday, May 8, 2017

Movie Review: Manchester by the Sea

Today I am writing a movie review of Manchester by the Sea.  This is a movie from Amazon Studios, and it won 2 Oscars.  They were for best screenplay and best actor (Casey Afflect).  I will venture to guess that he is related to Ben.  I would have been shocked that it got 2 Oscars if I had any respect for the awards.  These ate the !The morons who did not give Johnny Depp the Oscar for best actor as Capt. Jack Sparrow.

If there was an Oscar for most depressing movie ever made, this would win paws down.  The movie begins with a man who has a delightful job as a superintendent of a couple of apartment buildings in Boston. Humom said it is not a fun job, but Angel and I concurred that his job would be fun..  He got to work on toilets and take out trash.  That would be a dog's dream job!  Do you know they pay people to do that job when a dog would do it without charge?

His brother dies and he had to go back to his hometown.  Once there, he learns that his brother wants him to be his son's guardian.  This is a difficult position for hi! Because he lost his 3 childten in a house fire, and he never got over it.  In fact, that was the reason he had the job on Boston.  The town had too many sad memories for him.   I won't spoil the ending, but the movie is about his dealing with his psychological demons.he
I give it 3 paws up which means that it isn't as entertaining as a stick, but less entertaining than watching a cat throw up a hairball.

Demon Flash Bandit ( Movie Critic)

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