Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Dogs: The Broadway Musical

At the Neil Simon Theatre, in NYC,  there is a musical show called Cats being performed by humans dressed as cats.   This show has been boring the humans for a long time.  The ticket prices start at $59.00.  Can you believe it?  That is an enormous amount of money to watch a bunch of cats jumping around  and meowing.   I like cats, but they are not interesting to watch.  I do enjoy watching them kill birds and mice, but that is the only thing cats do that is useful.  Mostly they just hang out with their humans when they are in the mood.  From their behavior, I am not sure they  like their humans.  They also tend to be very picky about food.

On the other paw, it would make more sense to have a show about dogs.  Dogs are interesting and we love our humans.  How many cats jump on their humans as a gesture of love when they have been separated for more than 10 minutes.  Does a cat kiss their humans enthusiastically when their humans return?  I would pay  more for a show about dogs.  When do we dogs get our show on Broadway.?   I want to see the musical, Dogs.

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