Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Today's Color: Orange

Since "The Donald" has taken office, and I mean that he literally took the office, I have been wondering where the rest of the orange people reside.  I decided they must live in Florida because Florida has oranges.  Then I read that he keeps going to Marigold, Florida so, as usual, I have discovered the truth.     I assume that the orange people are an odd mixture of oranges,  and pumpkins that came to life..  YouTube had a channel that featured a  talking orange that annoyed its viewers.  No, I am not talking about The Apprentice.  Personally, I would prefer to watch the talking orange.  In fact, there is one episode of the annoying orange that features Donald Trunk and the orange during election time which I will share with my viewers.


I also have a theory that Trump is an orange alien from another planet.  I am sure that not all aliens ate green.

Demon Flash Bandit

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