Sunday, June 4, 2017

Garbage Day

What is wrong with the humans?  I would suspect that they have brain damage, but then I remember that they don't have a brain that is equivalent with the genius brain of the dog population.  If you are wondering what activity brought on this blog subject, I will explain.

Tomorrow is garbage day.  It happens every week in the civilized world.  Dogs have been barking their disapproval of this ritual since it began.  The humans take this event very seriously.  They buy garbage bags which any dog can tell you are a waste of money.   The reason I am writing about this again is because my past blogs on the subject have not had any effect on the humans.  I am angry because the humans had chicken breasts -the kind with delicious bones.  Since they consider them garbage,  I knew they would throw them away.  To my surprise, they  they did not throw them away.  I heard their evil plan.  They put tihem in the refrigerator until they could take them to the outside garbage.  They should have been deposited in the kitchen garbage.  I get into it on occasion, and chicken bones would be  that occasion.

Humom has a Whirlpool side by side refrigerator so I wrote the Whirlpool humans.  I suggested they make their refrigerators with handles that are easier for a dog to open. I have seen the inside of ,  it and  is full of food.  It would make life easier for the humans.  We can get our own food so the humans don't have to bother with it.

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