Friday, June 9, 2017

Annoying News

Ordinarily I don't pay attention to singing raisins, bit there are times to pay attention.  Case in point, last night I was relaxing enjoying an evening listening to high brow Alvin and the Chipmunks music when I heard a new song.  The California Raisins sang their latest hit single, "I heard it through the grape vine Dog Dentists make dog's teeth fine".  I didn't say it was a good song.  It did contain important information.  Doggy dentists exist!  Why?  Why?  Humans don't like dentists.  I checked the Internet, and there are 5 in my area.  I am sure some of the humans will think it is wonderful, but they re the brain damaged humans who
like to go to the dentist.   My advice is to have a bad tooth pulled and quit bugging a dog with root canals or crowns.  At least there aren't any doggy orthodontists.  Braces are for humans -not dogs.  I know the humans mean well and want the best for us.  However, as usual, they are misguided and need to ask us how we feel about doggy dentists.  We don't like them.

Demon Flash Bandit


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  2. Demon: Thank you for your kind comment. I think it is important for humans to see things from a dog's point of view.