Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I Think That Every Tree Should Have a Gift Underneath for Me

Why are the trees in my yard so useless?  I water them faithfully every day, and the trees still have no gifts for me.  When the humans bring trees inside, there are always a lot of gifts for Angel and me.  Every day when I water the ones outside, I look for gifts.  So far, there have been no gifts under any of those trees despite them being taller with much more room for gifts.   They  also look plain in comparison to the inside tree. .  I suppose outdoor trees don't feel the need to dress up.

In addition,  I have checked my trees  to see if they have elves, and I haven't found any  Keebler elves baking cookies.  Therefore, I have concluded that  a tree that has gifts or cookies might be  planted with magical seeds.  I need to consult with my neighbour, Jack.  He knows about  magical seeds.   seeds.  He started his collection by growing a beanstalk.  I will keep you informed on how my search goes .

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