Monday, June 5, 2017

Garage Sales

The nice thing about summer is that the humans have garage sales.  Dogs, don't start choosing the garage you want  yet. The garage is not for sale.  The humans put the household stuff that they are no longer uing  for sale The humans have no sense at naming things.  That name is false advertising, and they could have legal problems.  I would call it a Surprise Sale because you never know what you will get.  Anywoof, I went to a sale  yesterday.  Yes, I go to see if there is anything a dog would enjoy.  That includes stuff I like to smell.  The sale had the usual stuff - kitchen stuff, clothes, etc.  I was disappointed at first because it was stuff that only a human would buy.  My readers are probably not aware that I collect things that are museum quality.  I get a lot of my treasures from garage sales.   I continued to dig even though I knew it was probably
useless.  I am glad I didn't give up.  I bought the saw that George Washington used to cut  down the cherry tree.  I also cannot tell a lie - it was only 10 milkbones.  I got Abraham Lincoln's hat.  It was 20 milkbones.  Last but not least,  the arrow that killed General Custer at the Battle of the Littlle Big Horn was only  15 milkbones.    I suspect Custer had a  medical problems because the blood on the arrow smells like paint.  I am so pleased.  I wou
Would appraise my stuff at 10,000,000 milkbones.

Demon Flash Bandit

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